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Flosys Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers complete solution for Sewage Water Treatment Plants and Recycle. The Sewage from the residential and commercial buildings is treated for reduction in BOD, COD & TSS in order to comply with the pollution control board standards for disposal, gardening, flushing and other non-potable purposes.

The sewage treatment plants are based on the Latest MBR(Membrane Bio-Reactor), MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor),FAB (Floating Aerobic Bio-media) or SAFF(Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film) treatment followed by clarification by a tube settler.

Sewage Treatment Plant helps in removing contaminations from wastewater and household effluent, water that are used by residences (toilets, baths, showers, kitchens, sinks), institutions, hospitals, commercial and industrial establishments are degraded in quality as a result of the introduction of contaminating constituents. Organic wastes, suspended solids, bacteria, nitrates, and phosphates are pollutants that commonly Call Sewage.
We offer both customized and standardized STP Plant we are Top Ten Sewage Treatment Plant Supplier in Delhi NCR & STP Plant Manufacture in India.
Optima water is a leading Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturing in Delhi for Residential & Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

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